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The script's name? Another blogger located a Firefox add-on which "disappears" the unwanted column, and one user even bragged they were accessing their Google Gmail account using Yahoo's home page service. Comscore's January figures suggest Google has more than a quarter of all personalized home page users, and one iGoogle user says it's corrupted Google's philosophy.

And another option condenses that view to a Gmail-like list of the feed's headlines. The changes will simply "bring more information to the homepage," argues Google's blog. But some critics see it differently. And she asked her users for the ultimate solution. Your main complaint: The new sidebar eats up a substantial chunk of screen real estate. Almost all of the comments posted on the Google Operating System blog express displeasure with the iGoogle changes.

Google's blog announces cheerily "Don't worry. We'll also be rolling out this updated version in other countries very soon. Johnson Rice argues the web services are committing a clear injustice. The radio show's host responded, "I'd like to go on record as not giving a crap. Let's make it in a state of panic. Code Pink woman: And what's your net worth?

Senator Bunning: I don't need help from the audience, I can ask the questions on my own But you don't have any power. Why in the world are we being so gullible and naive? Never before in the history of American capitalism has so much been asked of so many for Secretary Paulson's market predictions have been consistently wrong in the last year. It's terrible.

There is a lot of blame to go around. You've apparently made the soundest real estate investment possible. Madam's ghost was talking back! He identified himself as a professional astrologer — and "metaphysical teacher" — as well as an experienced psychic. The year-old astrologer lived 10 miles from Tarpon Springs, Florida where Palfrey had committed suicide in May.

Her body was discovered hanging from a noose in a storage shed behind her mother's mobile home. Was Palfrey's suicide faked by government conspirators?

Would she reveal the names of her famous clients? Within 10 seconds, he'd identified the visiting spirit as Deborah Jeane Palfrey. And to make sure, he'd verified it — with another psychic. In July, Daniel was ready to contact the sex-worker advocate to say the madam was now available for questions.

The offer was declined, but 10 Zen Monkeys eventually conducted our own brief interview, emailing questions which would be relayed to the dead madam's ghost.

Would she reveal whether her suicide was faked by wayward government agents? Her ghost says This is absolutely false! I am solely responsible for the manner in which my life ended. There was no conspiracy that I became aware of to kill me. And even if there was, it was not successful. I took my own life; it was my decision, end of story.

Or is it? The Government was my own dark shadow. The Government is very often our own personal dark shadow. Once we begin to recognize this we can move past the guilt, punishment, blame games and victimization. Until such time as the Human Race gets really, totally and completely fed up with limiting beliefs and values, our Government will stand as a reminder, a grim reminder that we are anything but a free people living in a world of real freedom and personal fulfillment.

Her ghost sounded much more philosophical than when we published this interview with the D. Madam — although it's possible that four months in the afterlife puts things in perspective. But an even more surprising revelation was that after running a brothel and hanging herself in Florida Madam had gone to heaven! There is no afterlife judgment, no eternal condemnation, no 'fire and brimstone' and no angry God to punish anyone!

Now there is a place for 'cleansing and repair' that certain individuals will have to endure briefly that forms all of the ancient myths about 'the fires of hell,' but that condition is temporary! It doesn't last forever! I already briefly went through that myself and I write at length about that in Chapter 10 of the new book.

The new book? Yes, according to Daniel, it seems Palfrey's wandering ghost had kept coming around day after day, holding forth in long beyond-the-grave conversations. She had wanted to learn "her disposition and her destiny" in the afterlife.

But while she was doing that — she'd decided to dictate a book through him. In fact, Daniel had originally contacted the sex-worker advocate to see if she'd write the foreword for his book, and maybe promote it on her site. Daniel also sells "Pre-Paid Astrology Services," according to his web page at freewebs. But it was apparently much trickier to write an entire book with a ghost. After Deborah finished each session, we would examine the manuscript together and occasionally I would offer editing suggestions Deborah also received some assistance from some very wise "Guides" where she is in the afterlife.

There have been other responses to Deborah's death. Last month her year-old mother went to a Florida courtroom urging some privacy over the death of her daughter, requesting that police photos of her daughter's corpse not be released to the public.

It seemed like the final possible episode in a year of fierce notoriety. But had this helpful Florida psychic found a way to deliver the last word? Besides the political questions surrounding her notoriety — what powerful men secretly visited her service? Last year bloggers pondered a rumor that Dick Cheney might even be on her client list.

Through Daniel's psychic connection, Palfrey's ghost finally stepped up to the plate, and gave us an answer. Sort of. Her ghost continues Such information would be nothing more than an assertion — hearsay — because Daniel does not have access to my personal records from Pamela Martin Escort Services. So legally speaking at least, naming more people could be dismissed as fabrication to sell the book and Daniel couldn't prove it unless he could obtain my business records The grateful ghost couldn't leave her psychic channel facing a libel charge "or possibly even worse.

Madam the ability to see into the future. It will also be discovered that love can be both amplified and transmitted exactly as if it were radio waves sent across the planet By Year such an instrument will be nearly as common as are cell phones today. But the book doesn't end without answering the obvious question: What's it like being dead?

And in the strangest twist of all, Daniel's book has given the story of Deborah Jeane Palfrey something no one ever expected to see. A happy ending. Most of what I have seen here in the afterlife is just absolutely, positively remarkable; it's called Heaven for really good reason!

Enthusiastic bloggers have already uncovered these photos from Vogue magazine plus a fake cover photo, pictured above-left — and this beauty pageant photo. Her Wikipedia page was even edited to identify her as "the hot governor of Alaska" until editors increased the security on her page. Vandals had swapped in a photograph of Hulk Hogan to represent the female governor, while another committed a major revision they described as simply "Replaced content with 'tacos'.

According to an Alaska newspaper , Palin says she didn't like it and doesn't smoke it, but "I can't claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled.

But one user on Fark was more enthusiastic — "Jesus Christ. This campaign has turned into a Viagra commercial" — and within a few hours, Fark users had posted a whopping 2, comments. Dubbed "Trooper-gate," the potential vice president is currently being investigated by the Alaska legislature over charges that she pushed for the firing of a state official after they refused to fire her sister's ex-husband. The couple was locked in a bitter custody battle. It's been an especially messy divorce, according to Alaska newspapers.

Her ex-husband "admitted to using the Taser on his stepson in a 'training capacity' and said he shot a moose on his wife's tag, but didn't think the act was illegal. Wooten denied making the statement, but [Sarah] Palin, McCann and Palin's son all confirmed that he did. Politically it's hoped that Palin can help McCain with conservative voters. The Christian Coalition has already issued a statement praising Palin, who has said she believes schools should teach creationism.

Though ironically, Palin has also expressed her support for Barack Obama's energy plan. And she's currently taking some heat for an interview she gave with the CNBC.

As for that VP talk all the time, I'll tell you, I still can't answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day? We want to make sure that that VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we're trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.

But today, it's the online world that's providing her first vetting. And many of the comments have been strongly unfavorable. We are one heart attack away from her as commander in cheif. Why is it that Republicans always pick inexperienced females? Is it that they are trying to be equality minded, but can't get away from choosing someone that is really unqualified, because their insecurities won't let them have a female sharpie next to them?

Their idea of women is hilarious Not every online voice is critical. News blogger argues that she's a real asset for the McCain ticket. She can talk guns, and energy, and wildlife, and make conservative dogma sound reasonable.

Image via BikePortland. The success grew from a personal catchphrase whispered teasingly to his wife: "Barack Obama is your new bicycle. But it soon exploded, proving once again the strange fame-making power of the web. Is the internet changing the world of publishing as well as the presidential race — and maybe even democracy itself? A funny thing happened when I tried to buy Mat's book — I couldn't.

It had already sold out at my local store, and there were only two copies left at the Borders superstore. But Mat's a friend of mine, so I tracked him down for an honest answer about the role of the internet in , and how it's changing the way we argue about politics.

And the way we argue about Barack Obama I didn't have any expectation that something I created in a few hours was going to take off like it did. I've worked on a lot of online and writing projects for weeks and months, and sometimes you create things that you think are going to be insanely popular — that people will like — but you can never predict that kind of stuff.

And those things you spend a few hours on — I don't know what happened. I basically tapped into some sort of Zeitgeist, and people really related to it! I think most people who like it are pro-Obama, and it's fundamentally sort of sweet. I was trying to come up with ideas that your wife or your boyfriend or your best friend or something would do for you. That was my criteria. LC: Like "Barack Obama bought you candy. Barack Obama baked you a pie. Barack Obama folded you an origami crane. Barack Obama built you a robot.

MH: I really am sort of amazed by it. Even though I've thought about it a lot, I can't really put my finger on whatever made it take off like it did. If you had told me 10, people would see it, I just wouldn't have thought that was very likely, or that if they did, it might've been if some big blog linked to it — I might've gotten a one-day bump in traffic. I certainly wouldn't have thought it was going to result in a book deal! LC: It's been said that online media also helped Obama build the "net roots" backbone for his Presidential bid.

Is the role of technology in this campaign being overblown? MH: I don't think it's overblown. I think if anything, there's probably not enough made of it.

I have in the past couple of months become an unintentional and unwitting spokesman for what's right or wrong about the Obama campaign and I just — I'm not an expert on it.

But he is internet savvy, and what made me put some of those references in the book — "Barack Obama favorited your photo" and "Barack Obama friended you on Facebook" — is that his campaign did have those internet presences. That was certainly one of the things that led me to include those. But at the same time, political blogs have started to play a real role in fundraising and disseminating campaign information. Is that a good thing? MH: I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, because it leads to us not talking to each other as we once did.

I think the more that we splinter into little groups, the worse it is for society as a whole. It becomes very easy for me to forget that there are people out there who have some political opinion that's very different than my own, because I just don't go to those web sites. I don't know what people are talking about on Little Green Footballs today. I don't know if it's still around, and if it went away — I wouldn't know.

I tend to avoid political web sites like I do somebody who's got a hacking cough. Whether they're left wing or right wing, I think they just tend to be so consumed with anger — I have a hard time getting into it. I don't think it's constructive.

It's really easy to get yourself into a feedback loop Maybe I don't have enough spare time to be hanging out on the hardcore political sites. LC: Does it seem like there's too much cynicism — online, and in the real world? MH: I feel like cynicism is just such an easy cop out to caring for people — or doing anything. I feel like cynicism is the lazy man's sincerity.

It's hard work not to be cynical. Social pressures make you want to be cynical, especially among people who might consider themselves urbane or in some way outside of the mainstream.

I try very hard not to be cynical. I think I'm somebody who used to be a very cynical person There's a lot of social pressure for you to not be enthusiastic about anything — and to just not like anything, or to act like you don't like anything, to be too cool to like anything, too cool to be a fan. I made a decision a long time ago to not be cynical.

And I hope it comes through in the book. And yet there's some part of me that's cynical, deep inside of me. I feel like so few people are engaged and trying to do anything — to put themselves out there, largely because so many other people are engaged in trying to tear down people who put themselves out there.

I think that applies to politics, art, business I think society has become, and maybe always has been, very cynical, and I think ultimately that's not very constructive or helpful. I think that oddly enough, it's to some extent the creative class that is the most cynical and should also be the group of people who are least likely to be cynical, because they're the ones who are most often negatively affected by the cynicism of others. LC: Your web site is sweet but sardonic — and it's ultimately hard to guess what your true feelings are about Obama.

MH: The book and the web site certainly were meant to be neither pro or anti-Obama. They almost have nothing to do with each other in that regard. I mean, the book is definitely done from a well-meaning and loving place, but in a way that I think could be open to interpretation, as something that you could see as not pro-Obama.

And many people have seen it as an anti-Obama site. I was just trying to make a joke, and I think a lot of times jokes work better if they don't have an agenda.

And I didn't have an agenda. But I also was "taking the piss" a little bit — because I felt like there's a certain zeal to the whole Obama thing. I think that people can have conflated expectations of Obama and not necessarily him as a candidate. I certainly think he's the stronger candidate — he was the stronger candidate in the primary, and he is now. But that doesn't mean he's the perfect candidate or the perfect man.

No one is. So I was just making fun of the concept of Obama as the person who's all things to all people, which is how I think people perceive him, not that he's presented himself as such. I kind of think those are two different things.

When I made the web site, I was just sort of trying to say the whole country seems to have just fallen in love with Barack Obama. MH: I wasn't talking about Obama as a celebrity. I was talking about him as a boyfriend. I thought it was kind of a good-natured ribbing about my wife in particular and people in general, being in love with Obama. I certainly think that the McCain campaign is coming from a place of cynicism, which I think is unfortunate.

I think John McCain is a great American and I think he is a person who probably is a statesman and I think he's done a disservice to his campaign by engaging in this kind of Karl Rove "scorched earth" cynical campaign. I feel like he's taking things that Obama has said and making it appear that Obama has created a cult of personality or attempted to create a cult of personality, whereas it's the people who have supported Obama who have generated this zeal for him, when it's Obama's supporters who are enthusiastic for him.

Obama can't artificially create something like that. No one can. LC: But do you think that popularity translates into real political change? Do you really think Barack can bring America together? MH: I think maybe he can. I don't know why, exactly, but I think maybe he can.

I think he can, because I think he's sort of an authentic person, and I think he's a leader. There are certain indefinable traits that leaders have, and I think he's got those indefinable traits. And I think people will support him as a President. I think it's fundamentally bad to have two camps in the country hating each other, and I think you need somebody that speaks from the middle.

And I think unless he can kind of be painted into a corner, I think he can do that. The government's last eight years have been governing from the edge. I felt Clinton and Bush's dad did a good job of governing from the middle. I think it's something Obama will try to do, and if you're a strong leader you certainly stand a better chance than when you just govern from your base.

LC: But you're not actually a Democrat? He has always made it his goal to work and raise his family here. He wants the best for DeSoto County and he will apply the laws equally to everyone just as he does as an Assistant State Attorney. His mission is to bring the community together and make it a safer place for everyone. Thank you for your interest.

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Celebrating 64 years of serving SW Florida! Visit BillSmith. Commissioner Stephen R. Deutsch told the Sun the need for a shelter is what interests him. He is looking at any new development with a large space, such as a ballroom. We know that. We believe that. We support that. School Board member Ian Vincent also supports the idea.

The state must certify a school as ready for replacement, before a community can raise funds to replace it. Federal disaster funds paid for their replacement. So even if it is rebuilt, the middle school will not meet Red Cross standards due to its low elevation and relative proximity to the harbor.

The schools that the county has used as shelters are located farthest from the storm surge areas. About 1, people went to Kingsway and about to Liberty. During Irma, however, he said it was the age of the middle school, not the nature of the storm, that led to the decision. Tiseo said the middle school is far enough from the harbor to make it relatively safe. What about the school as a school? Riley was a vice principal there in It has been well maintained, LeClair said.

Its biggest problem may be its outdated heating and cooling system, he said, which requires daily visits by the school repair staff. The cost of maintaining those roof-top systems is very high, LeClair said. Modern schools do not use roof-top systems that must be installed for every classroom, he said.

No one moves them, and they are far from soundproof, he said. In recognition of the need to expand, the school built a new edition in , which looks a lot like the original section. Between the two buildings, students walk through courtyards that once had shrubbery trimmed to spell out PCMS.

But the plants grew too big, and now, some of the plots are just dirt. Expansion is no longer on the agenda for Charlotte County schools. The county has been losing students as its growing population ages beyond retirement. There are three other types of sexual health education programs in Florida besides abstinence-only. Regardless of the type of curriculum, many teens across the state have said in surveys that they are having sex. In , 41 percent of high-schoolers across Florida reported they were sexually active, according to information from the Florida Department of Education.

In Manatee County, Abstinence-based plus programs are taught. Its teen birth rate exceeds both Charlotte and Sarasota counties along with the state average, according to the numbers from countyhealthrankings. If a permission slip is not returned, the student will not receive the instruction. All schools in Florida are required to make students aware of dangers and consequences of sexually transmitted diseases. Does abstinence education work? Some national studies have shown that abstinence-only sex education does not lead to fewer pregnancies.

For example, a study by the Guttmacher Institute found New Hampshire, a state that provides comprehensive sex education, had the lowest percentage of teen pregnancies. The same report found a majority of states with the highest percentage of teenage pregnancy required abstinence-only sex education be taught. Sarasota County Schools offers a teen parent program for students who are pregnant or already have a child.

She added that she believes the schools do what they can. Rosario graduated high school and is currently taking online college courses, working toward her degree and working full-time. She manages her busy schedule around her two daughters. Meanwhile, the number of local pregnant teens getting assistance this year from at least one social service agency is on the rise.

Their website includes directions from schools near their Venice and North Port location. Last year, the Port Charlotte office of Pregnancy Solutions served 13 girls between the ages of So far this year, they had recently served 28 girls in that age range, according to Rowe.

Email: kgleason sun-herald. Be clear about your own sexual values and attitutes 2. Talk with your children early and often about sex and be specific 3. Supervise and monitor your children and adolescents 4. Discourage early, frequent and steady dating 6. Take a strong stand against your daughter dating a boy significantly older than she is.

Help your teenagers to have options for the future that are more attractive than early pregnancy and parenthood 8. Let your kids know that you value education highly 9. Know what your kids are reading, watching and listening to Schwebes was also a former employee of Charlotte County Schools. The group, at the direction and insistence of Foster, then planned the murder of Schwebes. The group tracked down where Schwebes lived and went to his home.

They knocked on the front door, and when Schwebes answered Foster shot him twice, once in the face and once in the pelvis. The three other members who were present that night entered into plea agreements. Christopher Black and Derek Shields were sentenced to life in prison. Peter Magnotti was sentenced to 32 years in prison.

In , four people died from eating contaminated food in Florida. Almost half of illnesses come from produce, according to the CDC.

Food production is becoming more centralized just as food sourcing is going global, so foodborne illnesses have changed and become more dispersed across the country.

But the CDC has become quicker to detect them, quicker to develop and test a hypothesis. And the regulatory authorities and the affected farmers, ranchers or producers are quicker to control and halt an outbreak. So, yay. Not so fast, said Erik D. Olson, senior director of health and food at Natural Resources Defense Council.

There are also regulations at play. In , President Barack Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act into law, giving the government new power to control how food is grown and processed.

One part of the law requires farmers to test irrigation water, which can be contaminated with feces and bacteria. Farmers are saving money on water testing, Olson said, but consumers are being put at greater risk. Stores ask the food producers to bear the costs. It can mean bankruptcy for farmers and producers. Peanut Corp. The fresh spinach market was depressed for years after a E. The most recent romaine E. For grocery store chains like Publix, this meant a couple hundred different products were pulled from shelves in every store.

But for perspective, Publix spokesman Brian West said this is out of a total of 60, to 80, total items in an average store. When any food item is recalled, it disappears from stores and food banks as quickly as possible. Feeding Tampa Bay reaches out to all its locations and partners to act, said spokeswoman Jayci Peters.

One had to throw out a freezer full of ground beef in the most recent recall. No matter if a farm is large or small, conventional or organic, she said, they must use best practices. For leafy greens or produce consumed raw, a number of washes kill most pathogens. And perhaps most importantly, pay attention to food advisories and recalls. Writers are sought to read minutes of poems, stories or screenplays. The public is welcomed as well.

For more information, call Linda Schell at or email lschell2 verizon. A Pancake Breakfast takes place from 8 a. Was his character, community standing or professional conduct fully evaluated? Who does that? Are you happy with the results? Are you convinced that the Democrats and Republicans will get it together at the federal level, and everything is going to be great in our country?

Or are you, like many of us, tired of all the name calling, backstabbing campaigning that goes with the elections? Maybe its time to do something different in this country. I truly believe the two party system is tearing this country apart and breaking it down.

We elect lawyers the vast majority of the time. I am not complaining and am truly honored to have served this country! I am simply using an example I have experienced to prove a point that the duopoly politicians are in it for themselves. I am suggesting doing something different next election.

Everyone go vote and vote your convictions! Can you imagine the changes we could make if everyone voted? A letter writer suggests all gun owners are responsible for the deaths in all mass gun tragedies. He suggests we should pay the costs of these tragedies as some form of tax. The world is full of evil people, some of them have guns. We need to get these people to pay for their wrong doing. Whereas I believe the shooter is the responsible party in gun violence, I do not believe all gun owners should be required to share the responsibility for a few.

You and only you are responsible for your actions. The gun is not the problem or the car, it is the individual who is in control. In the USA we are free to do and say what we wish to within reason. We have laws and rules that if adhered to will help us to follow the right path.

I have been in that group of homeowners who had work done and regrets working with a contractor. You should have a licensed contractor to do the work if you hire the work done.

Why is this not required by law to be put into escrow and only paid when the job is complete? Why do subcontractors have the right to put liens on property? It should be on the contractor or their insurance company. They are the ones that gave the contractor the credit. We must change the laws to protect the common person. I sincerely hope this person has not procreated. Another wreck on the misinformation highway. There is no science behind the statement.

Another letter early this week stated that a landscaper needed to spray Roundup on St. The takeaway here is twofold. The Roundup debate will and should continue but we need to take the emotion out of it and look for the science to enforce our individual opinions on the subject. Rebecca Copenhaver Punta GordaHiaasen column was disgracefullEditor: I visited a different state for a few months, so I tried their newspaper.

Their letters just took too long to get to the point. As before, I am very happy to be receiving the Sun again both in the sky and as a newspaper. I think it was disgraceful and demeaning to the president of this United States.

How about all the good things this president has done for our country and our citizens? Finding rentals that median income families can afford is probably the number one problem facing Southwest Florida. Just a week or so ago, Sarasota County commissioners expressed their frustrations with the lack of progress in tackling the problem. When they reached the topic of affordable housing on the agenda, a report exposed a failure to accomplish much when it came to altering codes and ordinances that would make it easier to build smaller homes and developments that average workers could afford.

Sarasota is working to change mobility, impact and capacity fees to allow for half-dwelling units less than square feet that they hope will attract developers. And that is just one potential solution various government entities are talking about. Charlotte County commissioners recently made two decisions they hope will address the lack of housing. Then, Charlotte County commissioners voted Chris Constance was absent to request proposals to build up to low-income and market-rate apartments on the publicly owned Bachman tract on Veterans Boulevard.

The somewhat controversial project means a developer could likely get the land for free in return for promising low-income and market-rate housing for at least 20 years, according to a Sun story by Betsy Calvert. In Collier County we recently wrote that the county commission approved a number of staff recommendations to create more affordable housing.

We believe a conference of local governments is called for. Maybe sharing information would spark an idea that could work. Or, perhaps an opportunity for more than one gover nment entity to pool resources to build affordable housing might arise. I think we could have a productive discussion if we got people together, each of them with some knowledge of the topic.

You never know what idea may come up. Deutsch says the housing dilemma is vexing. But, if we had a conference I would be glad to represent Charlotte County. Now, someone just has to step up and make it happen. Please keep them to less than words.

Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. An address and telephone number must be in cluded. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only one lette r per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions and statements made i n letters are solely those of the individual writers.

The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these letters. Readers may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald. Further questio ns or information, call Generally speaking, these might not be s uch bad rules but for the fact that, as Bloomberg pointed out, young women often need mentors to advance and female executives are far scarcer than men on Wall Street.

As a cultural aside, many men, especially the religiously devout, as Pence is, try to avoid potentially compromising situations involving the opposite sex. Perception more than temptation is often the driving force. Further, to be fair, these newly devised workplace protocols are not primarily a function of paranoia but of reality. Many men across all industries now fear being alone with a female colleague. We should sleep uneasily in the wake of such an abuse of due process, not as a legal matter but as a time-honored principle of fairness.

Already, some men are silencing themselves rather than engaging in a losing battle. Apparently, my social life revolves around doctors. We were chatting about the Kavanaugh hearings and he was visibly tense until I voiced my concerns about the erosion of due process. Relieved to sense a sympathetic point of view, he relaxed and chimed in. There surely is a balance to be found lest the sexes further alienate and segregate. We should seek it with a sense of urgency.

Almost all regular critics of movies were offered copies of the movie. They encountered something worse: virtually no attention. And after several hours of body temperature Now serving three life sentences for the murders of three Los Angeles women in the s, he has been giving police details that seem to validate his claim to have killed in at least 14 states.

Pennsylvania nail salons receive biennial inspections. Walden, Au. We might begin in Iraq. But perhaps we had better not. The tour would have to be cut short in the Green Zone, the American compound in downtown Iraq and the only "secure" territory in the country.

Some Iraqis have been killed recently in bomb attacks horrors scarcely mentioned in the debate in this country. As for the Iraqi "government," these quislings are unable to follow imperial orders--they are deficient even as puppets. The day after Thanksgiving is denominated "Black Friday", not for any bad things that happen that day well, not bad if you're a shopping enthusiast, at any rate , but because of the long believed legend that it is the busiest shopping day of the year , and the day that retailers supposedly see their balance sheets for the year move from "the red" into "the black" i.

For that reason, I've been sitting on this link til now. It may take a while to download I think the page is being spread via email and blog, and the server is sometimes bandwidth challenged , but it's worth it. Basically, someone managed to not only put up an elaborate light display, but then found the appropriate hardware and software to synchronize the lights to a recording of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Wizards in Winter.

I put this one up in honor of one of my favorite people on Earth: my Dad's wife Carol, who is not only an all around great human being, but also one of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's biggest fans. As I told you Dad, I'll be sending a CD with this one shortly, so don't bother waiting a week for it to download over your dial-up connection.

As my pappy always said, hard work never hurt anyone--who didn't do it. Since the so-called left-lane lollygagger law took effect in , state police have written 84 tickets in Chicago and the suburban tollways, compared to 82 tickets for entire rest of the state, according to state police records.

The grand total of citations over nearly two years is a pittance compared to the total number of tickets issued in a year. In , for example, state troopers issued roughly , traffic citations of all types, including 9, citations for driving while impaired. Still, police are pulling a lot more people over for lollygagging. Since the law took effect, 2, warnings have been issued.

And suburban motorists might want to consider that though the end of October, some 58 tickets have been written this along tollways, roughly six times more than were written last year. And Homeowner Associations According to a national survey conducted by Zogby International, more than seven in 10 respondents say they are satisfied with their community association experience, expressing strong satisfaction with both the homeowner volunteers who govern their associations and the community managers who provide professional support.

Only one in 10 express some level of dissatisfaction, while two in 10 are neutral on the question. Eighty-six percent of community association residents say they get along well with their immediate neighbors, with just 5 percent reporting a negative relationship. Of those who report issues with neighbors, the most common problems involve pets, general lifestyle, noise and parking. Of those reporting issues, 28 percent cite pets.

Well, given my experiences in working on our HOA here at Dennis Hastert Corner, many folks are appreciative of the efforts and work all of us Board members we have nine Board members, one for each of the nine neighborhoods, totaling over homes put in as volunteers to oversee the management and upkeep of our common areas, 11 ponds, Covered Bridge and Stone monument, etc. But it's nice to see that on the whole many people see the value and work done and think it helps keep up their property values and enhances the neighborhood they live in.

The lady says "Yum," to offer a clue: Inside is a pound or two of brownies, but not just any brownie. Oh, no. These are a deep, dark heavy-duty fusion of chocolate and fudge with almost more butter than your heart can stand. And they are Oprah's favorite brownie. Moveable Feast often caters for Oprah and its brownies are a dessert.

Within hours of the morning broadcast, a steady stream of Oprah fans began trailing through the catering company to taste and buy, coupled with a stream of calls and e-mails asking for the same. Owners and chefs Matthew and Kimberly Lennert were fairly giddy with delight. Jim Rockford: [answering machine picks up] This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you. Masculine Voice: Jim, it's Eddie. You were right about Sweet Talk in the seventh.

But I didn't get your bet down. Michael D. Says Brown, when asked how he plans to pull this off: "You have to do it with candor. To do it otherwise gives you no credibility. I think people are curious: 'My gosh, what was it like?

The media just really beat you up. You made mistakes. I don't want to be in that situation. How do I avoid that? Actually, from the quote it seems that Brown's actual angle may be providing not generic emergency response consulting services but rather consulting services to incompetents who've been saddled with emergency preparedness responsibility and fear becoming national laughing stocks when they turn mid-size disasters in to full-on catastrophes through gross mismanagement.

This actually may be a solid and underserved niche Brown could cater to, though my understanding is that in such a learning process someone like Brown is generally referred to not as a 'consultant' but rather as 'specimen'.

I had planned a very unique Thanksgiving dinner this year since, for circumstances not entirely under my control, I wasn't able to go up to St. Louis to sponge off the old man. Unfortunately, it had to be shipped from A Major American City via the good offices of Memphis's Major Employer, and somewhere along the line, somebody fucked up.

So apologies to the one or two of you who caught my reference to a possible blog post on that unique dinner. Maybe sometime later However, all was not a total loss. I'd been needing to replace my cell phone for some time, and it was a good time to consider alternate providers especially now that one can switch providers and keep one's established phone number.

Managed to get a good deal on the Motorola RAZR V3 , which has a nice feature set though I'm still trying to figure out how to get pictures from the phone's integrated camera to my computer All told, I still have a few reasons to be thankful Now it has backtracked in one of the most prominent cases and done precisely what it said it could not do-- treat Padilla as a criminal defendant.

The reason is not difficult to discover. The Administration counted votes and figured that even with a replacement for Justice O'Connor, it would likely lose in the Supreme Court.

The four dissenters in Rumsfeld v. Padilla thought Padilla was unconstitutionally confined, while Justice Scalia, who joined the majority, made clear that the September 18, Authorization for the Use of Military Force did not justify detaining a U.

It also leaves standing the Fourth Circuit's decision in the Padilla case, which broadly upheld the President's power to detain U. See Marty Lederman's post here for an analysis.

That result is particularly worthy of note, for the Fourth Circuit opinion may yet come in handy if the Administration needs to hold another U. The Administration now knows that the Fourth Circuit is a Constitution-free zone. It can, if it needs to, declare someone an enemy combantant, thrown them into a military prison, and interrogate them at its leisure.

It will take years for a citizen to exhaust his appeals and reach the Supreme Court; and when the citizen finally gets to the Supreme Court, the Administration has the option to indict and moot the case as it did with Padilla or, if the Court's personnel have changed sufficiently in the interim, risk an appeal to the Supremes.

Pesky thing, that Constitution. Nice to know that there's somewhere that we can escape it when it's "necessary". Commission Alex Ross to paint the concept: Len on From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch : Len on Also, of course, probably not work safe if your boss or a significant number of your co-workers are idiot Biblical literalist fundagelicals.

Extreme Adventure. A random gamer plays 12 LucasArts computer adventure games in 24 hours. And through the miracle of time-lapse photography, you can share the adventure-- in less than two minutes!!! You know, I've heard a lot of great job titles in my time, but I have to put Chairman of the Breast Augmentation Task Force at or near the top of the list.

No exit , the image screamed. No way out. Of course, George Bush will inevitably get out of the mess he has made -- he leaves office in three years and two months, not that anyone's counting. But the rest of us will be left with his handiwork: crushing national debt, rising economic inequality, a poisoned political atmosphere and, oh, yes, the war in Iraq. We're the ones trapped in the dark with no exit sign in sight And BTW Thomas Friedman NY Times has a ditty about the potential for Child-In-Chief to turn around the Country and salvage his presidency all in glorious realignment of admitting mistakes and moving towards a centrist postion to correct the errors of his ways.

Thus, Friedman reasons, CIC can avoid becoming Friedman writes : " When I watch Mr. Bush these days, though, he looks to me like a man who wishes that we had a 28th amendment to the Constitution - called "Can I Go Now? It's not just that he doesn't seem to be having any fun.

It's that he seems to be totally out of ideas relevant to the nation's future. Since there is no such clause, Mr. Bush has two choices.

That means pushing a hard-right strategy based on dividing the country to get the More slash-and-burn politics like that will be a disaster. Indeed, at a time when a decent outcome in Iraq is still possible and we are at the most important political moment in Baghdad - the first national election based on an Iraqi-written constitution - it was appalling to watch Mr.

Bush and Dick Cheney using their bully pulpits to act like two Rove attack dogs, accusing Democrats of being less than patriotic on Iraq. For two men who have fought this war without deploying enough troops, always putting politics before policy, without any plans for the morning after and never punishing any member of their team for rank incompetence to then accuse others of lacking seriousness on Iraq is disgusting.

Yes, we need to stay the course for now in Iraq, but we can't stay the course alone or divided. That's the point. We are about to produce the most legitimate government ever in the Arab world, and the Bush-Cheney team - instead of acknowledging its errors on W. It starts slinging mud at Democrats on Iraq.

Sure, some Democrats goaded them with reckless remarks - but they are not in power. Where are the adults? We can't afford this nonsense, while also ignoring our energy crisis, the deficit, health care, climate change and Social Security. George W. Bush may well be seen as the president who, by refusing to address these urgent questions when they needed to be addressed, invited America's decline.

Bush rises to the challenge. We do not have three years to waste. To do that, though, Mr. Bush would need to become a very different third-term president, with a much more centrist agenda and style. If he does, he still has time to be a bridge to the future. If he doesn't, the resources he will have squandered and the size of the problems he will have ignored will put him in the running for one of our worst presidents ever.

Dream ON, Thomas. Not only can this President not let go of his soiled-stinks-to-high-heaven security-Rove Blankee, but he's done all in his power to keep Blooming-Shit-head by his side and return to the Dirty-Dawg-Rovian-Play Book of political campaign maneuvers.

Just cause this particular smear didn't work, don't think for a minute that Rove's list of smears, fear, divide and conquer GOP rote approach to governing is now on the short list of strategies for repairing CIC's poll ratings. Karen first posted about Sam here back last Independence Day , and again last July I'm sure he'll be missed, and not just by his owner.

I have been Soooo Bizee. Hardly any time to post. And yet one more thing this morning -- the furnace humidifier deciding to go Kablooie and leak water all over my basement floor. But as we are in the HVAC biz I am hoping for a quick replacement unit sometime SOON.

Are ya listening, Honey!!! My dining room chairs have suffered every indignity known to man over the past 17 years of holiday seasons and entertaining guests.

She was, to be fair, aiming for the table - but missed. So, instead I am making some brocade chair covers to tie on and cover the offending cushions.

Ya would think these would be an ready item to be purchased - somewhere - in some store. BUT NO!! Stores only carry the usual fluffy seat cushions ready-made and too small for my chairs , or some Blanket type things to swath your entire chair in yards of fabric and bows. But a few yards of brocade and matching ribbon later - and I can make my chairs look all inviting again for the Holidays. Panorelli said he did it absent-mindedly. Panorelli pocketed the pencil and, with Salas, picked up and paid for the lumber.

The Home Depot loss-prevention worker was waiting for them outside the door, Panorelli said. An assistant manager was called. Panorelli had to give a copy of his driver's license.

The loss-prevention worker snickered and asked if he needed a pencil so badly that he had to steal one, Panorelli said. Mr Wagoner told a press conference in Detroit that the world's largest carmaker would cease operations at all its assembly plants over the course of the next year.

Latest Frist hi-jinks. According to the Blogressive, Frist is responsible for blocking a routine Senate resolution honoring Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen on the 30 th anniversary of the release of The Boss's seminal classic, Born to Run if you don't see the Nov. Senate, usually by unanimous consent," said its co-sponsor Sen.

Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey. John Kerry last year. But perhaps the Senate was simply exercising heightened musical tastes and discretion. C'mon baby, Yeah, big ol' wet one Kiss my ass, Kiss my ass, c'mon, everybody ought'a Kiss my ass, tastes real good Kiss my ass.

Don't waste your time on me I got my own direction Watch me close, wait and see I'm lookin' for perfection I make up my own mind And I'll leave you far behind When the goin' gets tough You can kiss my ass I believe in animal rights I let my dog hump on my shin I can tolerate sexual choice But not with the next of kin uh-uh, boy I've heard it all before I ain't gonna take any more When the goin' gets tough You can kiss my ass Everybody!

Kiss my ass, pucker up Kiss my ass Kiss my ass Kiss my ass, c'mon babe I've heard it all before And I ain't gonna take no more, no no When the goin' gets tough Kiss my ass!

After a kindly Indian named Squanto taught the Pilgrims to grow corn, the Pilgrims invited the Indians to a meal to celebrate their friendship and mutual desire to live in harmony. The Pilgrims held a feast to thank God, the real hero of Thanksgiving, who had earlier arranged for Squanto to be kidnapped, brought to Europe, taught Christianity and then miraculously returned just in time to help the Pilgrims.

The Indians, vicious barbarians awed by the Europeans' technology, sought an alliance with the Pilgrims to get access to their steel tools and enjoy the protection of their guns. The Native Americans, a peaceable people who practiced sustainable agriculture and lived as one with nature, innocently befriended the Pilgrims without realizing these imperialists would destroy their lands and wage genocidal wars.

It's the fallacy dubbed "Holmberg's Mistake" by Charles Mann in his new book, "," an intriguing revisionist history. Holmberg's Mistake is named after an anthropologist in the 's who concluded that the Bolivian Amazon had long been a primeval wilderness inhabited by a few Stone Age tribes.

But as later researchers found, that landscape had been transformed by a large, prosperous society that dug canals, raised earthworks and cleared forests to plant crops and build cities.

The Indians who greeted European colonists may have seemed like barbarians - or, in later mythology, like Noble Savages - but that was only because their societies had been decimated by epidemics brought by earlier Europeans.

Before then, the Americas may well have been more populous than Europe, and in some ways more advanced. The Indians on Cape Cod, who had more productive farm fields and ate more calories per capita than the typical person in Europe, were appalled by their unhealthy, scraggly and dirty visitors.

The English guns were frightening at first, but the Indians quickly saw that the weapons were inaccurate and could be defeated by bows and arrows. And Tierney continues with a description of the Indian who is legendary in facilitating the survival of the Pilgrims: Squanto.

This shrewd politician probably sought the alliance not so much for the Pilgrims' guns, Mann writes, but because his enemies would be reluctant to attack a group of whites for fear that it would complicate their own relationships with white traders.

And his emissary, Tisquantum, far from a simple, kindly Indian, had his own plan for using the Pilgrims to become leader himself. Shortly after that first Thanksgiving, he tried unsuccessfully to trick the Pilgrims into attacking Massasoit. Mann's research. The December issue of Smithsonian Magazine has an article from Mr. So, give the full article a read through when it makes to the December on-line copy at this link.

And have a Happy Thanksgiving. It almost doesn't matter whether withdrawing or redeploying the troops is a good idea; it's simply going to happen because there is no way for it not to happen short of a major act of political will, such as reviving the draft or keeping troops on the battlefield beyond reasonable endurance. This is what Murtha meant when he told Russert, "We're going to be out of there, we're going to be out of there very quickly, and it's going to be close to the plan that I'm presenting right now.

Be sure to visit Driftglass and give read through his two part-er on Sunday Morning and "It's a Rumderful life. Keep em coming. The Man turns 85 today, while Junior celebrates his 36 th birthday. Interestingly enough, besides the mutual birthday, Musial and Griffey have something else in common related to their births: both are natives of Donora, Pennsylvania. Added bonus factoid for today: Musial played high school baseball on the same team with Griffey's grandfather. The Chicago Tribune has started a new set of articles looking back at some of the Pre-Iraq war Adminstration premises and arguments in this series: Iraq: Case Then and Now.

This can be viewed as a supplemental to what we all HOPE with be the Phase II investigation by Congress about How the pre-war intelligence was presented to the public and whether there was an adequate basis for the continued repetition of those bits as the intelligence changed and was updated.

We begin with the premise that the passage of three years has obscured much of what actually was said in and early as this nation debated whether to invade Iraq and oust its dictator. Also obscured by the passage of time, and by often vicious and mutual political partisanship: what subsequent investigations and other evidence suggest about the emptiness, or accuracy, of the administration's reasons for war.

Those nine arguments were distinct, although sometimes overlapping. They included, but went well beyond, Iraq's weapons programs. We isolated these nine arguments for war from eight major speeches or presentations by administration officials as they advanced their case.

To assess each of those nine arguments, the Tribune will present an occasional series of editorials that examine the arguments one by one. We approach each argument by positing two questions: What did the administration say about this in making its case for war? And what do we know about those assertions today? Over at ReelThoughts James Berardinelli discusses a new scheme by Universal to allow online rental of movies via peer-to-peer file sharing technology scroll to the November 19, entry : Apparently, Universal Studios doesn't have a high opinion of its customer base.

Or, to put it another way, they must think we were all born yesterday. Even if you believe that Universal is jumping on the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" bandwagon, why would anyone buy what they're proposing to sell? Stylish metal cabinet with high quality caster for easy movement. Brief comments were given by repre- sentatives of the civ- ic community, the academic communi- ty, the Congregation of the Holy Cross, the religious order that founded and heads the school, and Kings faculty, alumni andstudents.

Wilkes-Barre May- or Tom Leighton Kings class of landed the biggest laughs when he opened by noting he had recently sur- vived both an earthquake and flood, but here Ive seen every- thing: a Wilkes graduate named Kings president. Ryan may have been a Holy Cross priest since and Kings faculty member since , but he earned his bache- lors from cross-town rival Wilkes College nowWilkes Uni- versity in Paige said he was the newest college president in the HolyCross system, thenadd- ed, that distinction is about to wane rapidly in fact, right be- fore your eyes.

Ryan was self-deprecating fromhis opening remark, noting how humbling it was to hear people say such wonderful things about him especially since Im not even dead yet. Ryan said that after he was se- lected as president, the man he was about to replace the Rev. Thomas OHara advised he prepare for the inauguration. The advice seemed odd, Ryan said, for two reasons: First, I was clueless as to what a presi- dential inaugura- tion involved.

And second, I was even more clueless as to the purpose of a presidential inau- guration. He retold an account in one history of the school about a man who arrived when there was almost no school or staff, hoping to apply for admission. His appearance coincided with the unloading of furniture for the school from a truck, and as the only able-bodied young man in sight, he ended up mov- ing furniture for two hours be- fore being given an application form.

Acknowledging he will face many challenges, Ryan quoted Pope Benedict XVI, the current spiritual leader of the RomanCa- tholic Church: The present, even if it is arduous, can be lived and accepted if it leads toward a goal, if we can be sure of this goal, and if this goal is great enough to justify the journey.

The one who has hope lives dif- ferently. The college, Ryan said, is a source of hope. To the students, he added, We place in you our hope for a better and brighter fu- ture. Ryan, C. Joseph Evan, associate vice president for academic affairs, and dean of faculty, is the mace bearer on Friday. Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton Kings class of -- landed the biggest laughs when he opened by noting he had recently sur- vived both an earth- quake and flood, but here Ive seen everything: a Wilkes graduate named Kings president.

State police said Lynn M. McKernan, 40, and WilliamR. McKernan, 40, both of Roch- ester, were traveling in a Nissan Altima that was struck by an airborne dump truck at p. The truck driver, Wayne Kichar, 33, of Jessup, failed to negotiate a sharp right curve as he was exiting Interstate 81onto state Route 6 near I, traveled off the roadway and up a small embankment and then into the air.

Its front tires and under- carriage struck the roof of the Nissan, which was eastbound on I, causing fatal injuries to the cars occupants, state police said. David J. Constable, of East Bangor, operating a Dodge pick- up truck, attempted to avoid the collision but the Dodge struck the rear tires and box of the still airborne dump truck, causing it to spin around and roll over several times before coming to rest in the median of state Route 6, state police said. Kichar was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Con- stable and his passenger, Ed- ward Austin, 28, of Wind Gap, were not injured. The crash is under investiga- tion. Christopher Vega, 18, of Peace Street, Hazleton, was charged with two counts each of robbery, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and one count each of receiving stolen property, fire- arms not to be carried without a license, possession of a con- trolled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police allege Vega and another man robbed a man at gunpoint at Locust and Third streets at about p.

Thursday, ac- cording to the criminal com- plaint. Vega was captured in the neighborhood and found to be carrying a loaded firearmand several bags of marijuana, the criminal complaint says. Apreliminary hearing is scheduled on Oct. Joel Adrian, 26, of West Cedar Street, Allentown, was charged with simple assault, terroristic threats, receiving stolen proper- ty, unlawful restraint, illegal possession of a firearmand firearms not to be carried with- out a license.

Police allege Adrian aimed a handgun at a year-old girl who arrived at a residence on Centre Street to pick up a year-old boy at about 9 p. Adrian accused the boy of stealing a cell phone. He alleged- ly told the girl the boy wasnt going anywhere until the cell phone was returned, according to the criminal complaint.

When the girl grabbed the boys arm, Adrian allegedly brandished a handgun and aimed it at the girl and boy, the criminal complaint says. Police said Adrian was found hiding inside a closet of a resi- dence on Centre Street.

The handgun was found under a rear deck and was reported stolen to the Philadelphia Police Depart- ment in Adrian was wanted by the Lehigh County Sheriffs Depart- ment on charges he escaped work release. Police allege Adrian was not permitted to possess or carry a firearmdue to a restraining order in Lehigh County.

Bernard McDonald, 40, last known address as Montgomery Avenue, West Pittston, was charged with retail theft, receiv- ing stolen property, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, dis- orderly conduct, loitering and prowling at night and possession of drug paraphernalia. McDonald was arrested just before 4 a. Friday when police were investigating a disturbance inside his former girlfriends residence on Montgomery Ave- nue. Police allege they found crack pipe inside a vehicle McDonald was seen driving, according to the criminal com- plaint.

But Im good now. Im going to be swaggering all over the place. Dont get in my way. Joe Paterno Penn State Universitys football coach, hobbled by a hip injury earlier this season, told reporters hes raring to go for todays contest in State College against Iowa.

The Nittany Lions will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the teams national championship season. Controller backs Kelleher as candidate for council I am writing as a concerned taxpayer and elected official to inform the people of Luzerne County of a very important election on Nov. This election will shape the direction of Luzerne County in many ways by virtue of the people we place in the offices of county judge and Luzerne County Council.

The voters have a choice of 28 candi- dates for county council and must choose 11 people who will be the pioneers of a new government. The ability of a candi- date to think clearly and honestly for the people of Luzerne County is very impor- tant, and Eugene Kelleher is a person who will be the right choice for the taxpayers of Luzerne County.

Kelleher is a man of character and integ- rity who will bring a level of accountability and ethics to government that has not been witnessed in decades in Luzerne County. He is a Christian who has a masters degree in mathematics and has operated his own financial investment company. He is a person with a unique ability to be a problem solver and not a problem maker. He has been an educator for more than 20 years and has seen Luzerne County at its best and worst; he will work to make the new home rule government and county manager accountable to the taxpayers.

The new charter has many flaws, and we must elect people with strong character and watchful eyes to be sure Luzerne County moves forward to a brighter future. Elect Eugene Kelleher for county council on Nov. Walter L. Griffith Jr. Fresh Air Fund hosts, volunteers and supporters helped these inner-city young- sters experience simple summertime plea- sures, including afternoons of swimming, fishing at sunset and roasting smores over a campfire.

I invite you to join Anya Korshak and the local Fresh Air Fund com- mittee to help spread the word about the wonderful opportunity of hosting next summer. The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer vacations to more than 1. For more in- formation, please visit www. Letters should be no more than words. We reserve the right to edit and limit writers to one published letter every 30 days. E-mail: mailbag timesleader. We were left to cope with old strip mines, orphaned oil and gas wells, thou- sands of old factory sites and jobless people.

But the story has turned far more posi- tive and faster moving but even more challenging. Timber, coal and oil now have an en- core: Marcellus Shale natural gas prom- ises to be the next big driver of Penn- sylvanias economy. Our first three battles with the earth to extract and profit from its resources were nearly Pyrrhic victories we in- jured our land, water, wildlife, air, com- munities and people. Then, nearly 50 years ago, Pennsylvania writer Rachel Carson warned us of a Silent Spring, and the nation woke up and began to learn how to advance goals in harmony.

We legislated, regulated, litigated and debated, and were still at it, except now we have formidable legal tools and a strong public environmental ethic that moves the discussion. Ray Shafer formed the state De- partment of Environmental Resources in One of its first missions was to implement new laws on coal mining and mine restoration, for which a deputy- level office was established. Recently, in recognition of the chal- lenges of the Marcellus Shale, the Cor- bett administration has done the same.

The new deputy-level Office of Oil and Gas Management will give the burgeon- ing gas industry both the responsiveness it needs to do its work, and the oversight the public wants to hold it accountable for its environmental impacts. This was part of a recently announced reorganization of DEP, and it is a good first step in streamlining an agency that, in recent years, has lost its primary fo- cus of consistently enforcing and help- ing our citizens comply with Pennsylva- nias environmental laws.

Issues of consistency have plagued the agency for years, and the new Office of Program Integration will take a birds- eye view of operations and make sug- gestions for streamlining operations and improving performance. And Im especially pleased to see DEPs new Bureau of Environmental Cleanup and Brownfields bring together all of the agencys cleanup and remedia- tion programs under one roof. For the past 15 years, since these laws were en- acted by the Ridge administration, Penn- sylvania has maintained its reputation as the nations leader in brownfields rede- velopment.

In this challenging economy, its more important than ever for this program to stay ahead of other states when compet- ing for limited redevelopment dollars.

Creating a comprehensive unit focused on environmental cleanup will give add- ed attention to this important job-cre- ating program.

Today, the Department of Environ- mental Protection wears more hats than perhaps any other public agency en- forcer, defender, protector, scientist, educator and communicator. I believe the agencys new back-to-basics ap- proach will enhance all of these roles and provide improved, more efficient service to Pennsylvanias residents, busi- ness and environment.

The energy barons of the past would be puzzled by such a government agen- cy. Rachel Carson would welcome it. And our real objective should be to make our children glad we made the effort. James M. S E I F The new deputy-level Office of Oil and Gas Management will give the burgeoning gas industry both the responsiveness it needs to do its work, and the oversight the public wants to hold it accountable for its environmental impacts. According to the Wide-field Infrared Survey Ex- plorer, a telescope satellite launched by NASA in , hu- mans dont have to lose sleep at least for afewcenturies over giant asteroids beingona trajec- tory with their planet.

WISEs infrared light survey of near-Earth asteroids cata- logued galaxies, stars, comets, asteroids and the , ob- jects in the asteroid belt be- tween Mars and Jupiter. Scien- tists now believe there are only near-Earth objects out there that are big enough to end life on this planet. These asteroids have a diameter between 3, feet and several miles.

For someperspective, thesize of the killer asteroid that ended the reign of the dinosaurs on Earth was roughly 6 miles in di- ameter. WISEhas accountedfor at least of these monsters, with prospects for detecting the others rated as excellent. But, again, noneis speedingthis way. WISE also sniffed out 19, medium-size asteroids be- tween feet and 3, feet wide that pose a lesser threat, but arestill capableof takingout a large city.

None of those is ona trajectorywiththe planet either. After mapping the positions of 93percent of all near-Earthas- teroids, WISEalsohasestablish- ed a census for Earths corner of the cosmos that cuts the num- ber of medium-size asteroids by 44 percent.

Thats the second piece of really good news from WISEs mission so far. Until percent of the sky is mapped by WISE and other technology, NASAwont be able to say definitively that every po- tential havoc-causing asteroid has been accounted for. Still, humans knowa lot more about the trajectory of asteroids than two years ago. And we can rest easy that there are far fewer in a position to threaten the Earth. With that in mind, Pennsyl- vanias new law placing restric- tions on drivers younger than 18 should be considered a good one.

The measure, effective Nov. In addition, it makes driving with- out the use of a seat- belt a primary of- fense for teen drivers and their passengers. That means police can pull over and ticket a young driver if they see him or her or a passenger not wearing a seat belt. Kath- arine Watson, R-Bucks County, the bills prime sponsor, Penn- sylvania was one of only seven states that did not restrict the number of passengers with young drivers despite over- whelming evidence of the dis- tractions a young driver faces with a car filled with teens.

Which brings up something the newlawdoes not include: a prohibition on the use of cell phones and texting devices. The Legislature has balked several times in the last few years when considering bills that would have restricted the use of hand-held cell phones and other electronic devices.

Several studies have shown that driving while using a hand-held cell phone is roughly equiva- lent to driving with a blood-alco- hol content of 0. The National Highway Trans- portation Safety Administration re- ported that using a cell phone while driving increases by four times a drivers likelihood of having a crash serious enough to injure him, and that statistic is not restricted to young driv- ers.

The law restricting the num- ber of passengers and requiring more hours of training for youngdrivers is a goodone, but there still is much more that needs to be done. BAG JOHN F. Weve put together an exclusive set of special offers to help ood victims rebuild their quality of life. Water trucks and other heavy equipment are straining the roads and bridges in those com- munities.

We all breathe the same air, drink the same water and share in both the advantages and impacts of natural-gas pro- duction in Pennsylvania. Boback also said the setbacks Corbett suggested could be in- creased. Abill she has introduced recommends setbacks of 1, feet from public water sources and 3, feet from reservoirs. Baker has reservations Sen. Lisa Bakers district in- cludes counties with active drill- ing, such as Susquehanna, and without, such as Luzerne.

Baker, R-Lehman Township, said she agrees with some of Cor- betts recommendations, includ- ing the more substantial setback requirements, but she has reser- vations about fees on the county level, based on the County Com- missioners Association of Penn- sylvanias concerns. The association on Thursday said fees on the county level lend themselves to inconsistency, un- certainty and duplicate adminis- trative processes and that a uni- formstatewide fee systemwould better address the interests of lo- cal government and the industry.

Obviously if the association, who represents its members, has those concerns I would expect that the members also have those concerns, Baker said. Their de- sire tocreate a statewide levy and a statewide administration I think is something that we need to look at. She saidshe thinks the bulkof the revenue should be going to the counties that are directly af- fected but resources must ad- dress statewide impact as well. We know that materials are truckedto andfromthe drill sites that go through the non-drilling counties, she said.

We know that the pipeline that brings the gas to market will travel through non-drilling counties. Yudichak calls it fragmented Sen. John Yudichak, D-Ply- mouth Township, said he wel- comed the governors recogni- tion that drilling will have local impact but believes his proposal is too limited and does not pro- tect the environment and pro- mote jobs.

Its going to create this frag- mented systemof environmental protection, this fragmented sys- tem of economic development, Yudichak said. He said the proposal also leav- es open the option for counties to cut the state out of its share alto- gether.

Theres nothing to stop the companies from setting up an in- lieu-of-taxes agreement with counties, Yudichak said. Then state agencies, PennDOT would get nothing. Yudichak said he agrees with Corbett that the state needs to encourage the development of secondary and tertiary markets for natural gas in Pennsylvania, but the governors proposal doesnt provide money for the state to invest in those markets.

Pashinski is critical Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D- Wilkes-Barre, blasted the fees as a wimp way out of instituting a true extraction tax. Every other state that has this resource levies an extraction tax at the well head; anything less than that is inadequate, unfair and irresponsible, Pashinski said, adding that even in hear- ings thegas industryhas indicat- ed a willingness to pay a fair tax.

Mullery: Not equitable Rep. Gerald Mullery, D-New- port Township, said he believes the plan would give short shrift to periphery counties. I dont think its an equitable remedy to the problem, and I think it places counties and mu- nicipalities that are heavily influ- enced by the industry but dont have active wells at a disadvan- tage and doesnt properly protect them, Mullery said.

And I think thats something that were going to see in Luzerne County if his plan comes to fruition. Mullery cited the idea of creating a drill- ing-wastewater-treatment facili- ty in Hanover Township that the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Au- thority considered. That facility would have been an integral part of the drilling process but wouldnt be subject to impact fees, Mullery said. The best part about it is that weve actually broached the dis- cussion and weve started to talk, hesaid.

Upuntil Oct. We wanted to let you all know because we feel the downtown business com- munity is vital to the city and to our students, faculty and em- ployees. Gilmour said Wilkes reputa- tion for excellence in the sci- ences requires state-of-the-art facilities to educate the next generation. Our new science building -- while still in the planning stages -- promises to promote collaboration and research among our students and facul- ty, he said. More importantly, it will have significant impact on our local economy by pre- paring the next generation of scientists, researchers, health care professionals and engi- neers and will encourage new research and initiatives that benefit northeast Pennsylva- nia.

Gilmour said the universitys partnerships with The Com- monwealth Medical College and the work being done by the Institute for Energy and Envi- ronmental Research for North- east Pennsylvania are two ex- amples of initiatives in the sci- ences that will create jobs and new businesses.

And both will be enhanced by opportunities provided by an outstanding new facility, Gil- mour said. About a week ago, he was passing by a home on Cour- tright Street across from Royal Plus staging area at Luzerne Products and sawa family clean- ing out its flood-damaged home.

They had a basement, and they were having trouble getting some furniture out of the base- ment, so we stopped to help them out, Odachowski said. Thats when I realized that they were staying there. Just seeing the kids with mud on their clothes, mud all over the place, sitting around on lawn chairs with one heater and its starting to get cold at night.

It was really a wake-up call My heart sank when I saw those kids. Help and treats Realizing the familys refriger- ator had been destroyed by flooding, Odachowski was able to locate a donated refrigerator for the family and filled it with food as a surprise, making sure to include Tastykake snacks for the children.

The family also needed pow- er, so he asked one of the con- tracting companies working with Luzerne Products, Amp Electric Inc. And to help dry the house out, he loaned the family one of Roy- al Plus industrial-strength des- iccant units, essentially afoot tall dehumidifier. Odachowski next asked neighbor Ken Stevens, of Courtright Street, if he would like a dehumidifier for his home. Stevens said he was dumb- struck by the offer. He said Ive got 80 units com- ing, Stevens said, but you need to go around to all the neighbors who have power and find out who else needs one.

The 60 to 80 neighbors were similarly overwhelmed. I know the one neighbor tried renting one, Stevens said. I dont ask nothing from nobody. Humbled is probably the best word for how I feel.

Thats way over and above what anybody needs to do, said George Owen of Robert Street. Just the dehumidifiers alone were a godsend. We appreciate them. More supplies obtained Odachowski has reached out to his contractors and vendors to obtain cleaning supplies and other goods for residents. Ven- dors Benefect and Aramsco do- nated supplies, and Slade Smith of Minnesota-based Industrial Hygiene Consulting is drafting a set of directions for residents us- ing them. Whenever we are in a com- munity, we try to lend a helping hand and provide some re- sources to at least get themmov- ing inthe right direction, Smith said.

Our motto in our company is, being positive is conta- gious, Odachowski said. Were trying to showsome posi- tivity so they can move for- ward. This is real bad; these people were devastated, he continued.

The only thing I can do is en- courage everybody to please help this community. They need it. He watched the matchup be- tween the Binghamton Senators and Hershey Bears the latter of which will be facing the Penguins tonight at p. It never hurts to get a preview of the team youll be facing, but Hynes also pointed out there is a down- side. It works both ways because theyll Her- shey be getting a game in, he said.

Call it a tem- porary advan- tage. When the Bears and Pen- guins square off tonight at the Mo- hegan Sun Arena, it will mark the first of 12 meetings between the East Division foes.

Twelves a big number, Pen- guins captainRyanCraig said. Its not always fun to see the same team 12 times, but if you want to compete, theyre one of those teams you want to play. Well, according to Craig, the games against Hershey are up- tempo, fast-pacedaffairssteepedin rivalry and competitiveness -- the type of games that fans travel Hershey Bears at Penguins When: 7 p. Beaver Stadium erupted as Daryll Clark connected with Chaz Powell for a yardtouch- down against recent nemesis Iowa.

That was Penn States first play from scrimmage on offense in the meeting. The Nittany Li- ons havent found the end zone against the Hawkeyes since. Iowa has out- scored the Li- ons since that touch- down, winning the 09 game 10 before cruis- ing to a victory last seasonin Iowa City. For most players, it would have been a spectacular game. I wouldnt say that, Craw- ford said with a smile. I just try to play every play as hard as I can play.

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Never Underestimate the Power of Makeup, Album). But after meeting the rest of the transplant chain Wednesday, it Bully For Bulldogs - Karen Dean - Double Dip (Cassette meant to be. Down a two-mile stretch of San Francisco, they changed all the street signs identifying Bush Street to Dubbed "Trooper-gate," the potential vice president is currently being investigated by the Alaska legislature over charges that she pushed for the firing of a state official after they refused to fire her sister's ex-husband. She said Otterbein is starting to follow up with former patients or the home health agencies that send nurses and aides to their houses to care for them. Way back in ancient times when I was going to high school, whenever something like this happened it spawned another hippie underground school paper. Sirius's original band "The Merry Tweeksters" gets reincarnated into "Mondo Vanilli" while resurrecting some lyrics from Sirius's forgotten '80s band "The Party Dogs" — and also in the mind-bending mix were a performance artist named Sim1 3Arm with some cool music composed by Scrappi DuChamp and a crazy music theory professor lurking somewhere in the background. The only hope for getting Americans to focus on the war we can't escape is to clear the decks by telling Bully For Bulldogs - Karen Dean - Double Dip (Cassette truth about the war of choice in Iraq: that it is making us less safe, not Album), and that we have to learn from its mistakes and calculate the damage it has caused as we reboot and move on.
Banana Pancakes - Billy Currington - We Are Tonight (CD, Album), Rude - Pisspoor / Ungrateful - Straight To Hell (Handbasket Not Included) (Vinyl, LP), The Return - Omnium Gatherum - The Redshift (CD, Album), Step To Nowhere - Speechless (File)

8 thoughts on “Bully For Bulldogs - Karen Dean - Double Dip (Cassette, Album)

  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Double Dip on Discogs. Label: Not On Label - none • Format: Cassette Album • Country: US • Genre: Pop, Children's, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Novelty, Folk Bully For Bulldogs: B5: Tracks A2 and A7 are traditional Girl Scouts Of America songs adapted by 5/5(1).
  2. Mother of Abby Dean. Started recording children's albums in and became known as "The Out To Lunch Gal" because of her most well-known song from her first album. She's also well-known in the community for her performances in schools and at children's events in and around the Louisville Metro / Kentuckiana area, as well as other cities.
  3. ALBUM; METAL: Impaled Nazarene: Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces: POP ROCK!!! Myth Takes: POP ROCK (International) Noise Conspiracy, The: Survival Sickness: LOCAL ****Volcanic* ****Volcanic* LOCAL #1 Family Mover: Shotput: LOCAL: 0% Vitamin A: Everytime She Takes a Bath It Rains: LOCAL: Watt Horse: Watt Horse: LOCAL: .
  4. V/A: The Heart of Mexico -- Exciting Musica Tipica, Recorded in Mexico (Gene Norman Presents, ) mp3 + Flac Side A 1. La Rondalla de Tijuana - GuadalajaraAuthor: Nicholab.
  5. 2. Yes, I Will Double-Dip One political analyst called this ad "a game-changer." In an extremely tight race to be Calfornia's attorney general, two candidates braced for an October 5 debate at the U.C. Davis School of Law. But then Republican Steve Cooley was asked how he'd handle his post-election finances.
  6. 8 Dean Martin – The Things We Did Last Summer. 9 Julie London – I'd Like You For Christmas. 10 Kate Bush – December Will Be Magic Again blues. double album (1) bluesmaster 2 (1) bo hansson (1) double 7" (1) double dip obsesh (1) douglas quin (1) Dr. L. Subramanium (1).

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