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Stephan Krause. Purchasable with gift card. Sold Out. The Devastation Chant Tags experimental ambient freejazz improvisation minimal Antwerp. Epitaph : Home Concert Stream. Dirk Serries recommends:. Dirk Serries' own label dedicated to impro and minimalism Dirk Serries go to album.

Odile A. Music Won't Save You. Sietse van Erve. The Grim Lord Eric May. Dominic Hemy. Justin Snow. Guy Peters. Stephan Krause. Al Jordan-Arthur. Gert Derkx. Morten L. Nielsen Strange-Beautiful-Lifegiving. Purchasable with gift card. Sold Out. XXVI epiphany and isolation XXIX i communicate silence Clark Fenton. Erik Nijsten. Keith Clancy. Paul Robinson. Peter-Michael Sieker. Joris Baas. Turtle Dreams. Stephan Krause.

Lexor Prime. Richard Stuij. Paul Bunting. Jeff Fick. Michael Zlabinger. Purchasable with gift card. It could also be composed of a sustained howl. It does not drone.

It has a verve of randomness, despite its lulling quality. It returns again and again, only a tad louder each time. I was keen to tap into the mind of this musician from Belgium, and I reached out via email with some questions. I was grateful he was game to entertain my queries and also share some images of the vinyls which were just released:.

Hans Morgenstern: So, I was looking into your history, and I see you have been at this for years. Have you made a career of it? Dirk Serries: I believe the only thing I really succeeded in is to establish myself as a willful artist with a persistence to move forward, explore and expand my own specific sound palette.

I always have been pushing the boundaries on what ambient could be to the disappointment of many followers back then. I never shied away though from incorporating harmony, mood and expansion in my music, but it surely was different, and a break with the ambient circuit unavoidable.

The current experience and maturity made me recapture the ambience with solely an electric guitar and a few pedal-effects, while back in the days, I needed a stack of synthesizers and outboard effects to create those spaces. The fulfillment now is bigger, more intense and rewarding. What to you is special about droning music?

Where do you find the pleasure in performing it versus listening to it?

Richard Y. Still Fragments ND, The Devastation Chant It could also be composed of a sustained howl. Atmosphere for Dreaming by Steve Roach. We Were Strangers. As soon as the music enters the high range, a series of lower notes drone below. XXVI epiphany and isolation
Thats The Way, Once Youve Tasted Love - Take That - Greatest Hits (CD), Piano Please - Various - Deejay Old School Vol 1 (Vinyl), Terra - Adolfo Delgado - Optimystic (CD, Album), Duppy Gun-Man - Ernie Smith - Duppy Gun-Man (Vinyl)

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  1. streams of consciousness by dirk serries, released 15 October 1. a ghostly apparition 2. the ideal opposite grams black vinyl lp. embossed cardboard sleeve. insert card. limited to 99 copies. instant download.
  2. Streams Of Consciousness.. originally founded for off the map releases in ultra limited quantities, the series will continue to do exactly that. This is dirk serries' homage and return to .
  3. Streams of Consciousness Dirk Serries. Completely improvised and real-time recorded, **Dirk Serries'** *'Streams Of Consciousness'* is a 3LP set features 3 streams of Consciousness records. , and , 3 for the price of 1!

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